Why Go Analog? More Freedom, Less Distraction

Your recording should be mixed with the highest fidelity available

We prefer analog because it is the closest to the original sound

Digital recording is cheap and effective, but like all technologies has a long way to go.

CDs are 16bit, DVDs 24bit. We can Master 24bit for future high-quality release.

Imagine the difference in quality between an old Nintendo game machine and newer machines like the XBOX. CDs are more than 20 years old and are in need of an update.

Analog is like film on a real camera - not a camcorder,where digital is like Digital camera video - it is grainy and just does not compare

Analog is very mutable and can be played around with to good effect. We can turn up the volume and it will sound sweet.

In Digital you can not make anything louder because it becomes static and thinner.

A pre-master mix should have at least 3db of headroom for clean, powerful amplification and analog is the best choice for preserving and improving sound quality:

When you turn it up in an Analog setting the sound gels, bringing out more of the background and smoothing out harsher elements in the mix

Don't trust a series of calculations to preserve the human element of the music. All the great records we listen to were recorded on tape and still sound tops.

Real music has dynamics - Analog reacts to your sound in realtime. That means we sit there and listen to every change as it happens. More of our time = more sonic enjoyment for you.

Digital is cold and sterile, but while we can't avoid going to CD in the end, we can atleast cram as much of your music's soul into the silver disc as possible.